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The lineage of EcoVac Services dates back to 1988 when company co-founder David M. Goodrich, P.G. was charged by a number of major oil companies to remove free product by the most cost effective means possible. What began as simply connecting a vacuum truck to a single monitor well has evolved into a sophisticated and cost effective means to simultaneously remove all phases of VOCs from the subsurface in a single process.

Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR®) is a mobile version of dual-phase extraction / multi-phase extraction (DPE/MPE) and is also sometimes referred to as mobile enhanced multi-phase extraction (MEME) and aggressive fluid and vapor recovery (AFVR).

EcoVac Services possesses the greatest amount of EFR®/mobile DPE/MPE experience in the world, having performed over 6,000 EFR® events at over 1,350 sites throughout 38 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C.

There is not another remedial alternative that can rival EFR® in terms of contaminant removal costs. Our average removal cost to remove VOCs from the subsurface is $30/gallon for petroleum products. The EFR® process is recognized and accepted by numerous environmental regulatory agencies.

EcoVac Services only provides EFR® services, that is, we do not provide environmental consulting services. Our firm consists of a multi-disciplinary group of highly trained geologists, engineers, scientists and technicians, all of whom have previously worked for national environmental consulting firms. Most of our employees have also been previously employed by major oil companies or state regulatory agencies.

EcoVac Difference

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