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Green Remediation

EcoVac Services’ solutions are environmentally responsible. These "green" practices ensure a nominal consumption of natural resources and also minimizes emission of harmful greenhouse gases. EcoVac Services leads the industry in green and sustainable remediation practices. We were developing a comparative model that calculates and contrasts the carbon footprint and energy consumption from several common remediation technologies in advance of the 2009 Copenhagen accord and the December 2007 EPA declaration regarding greenhouse gases as a health hazard. This model was the first comprehensive model created within the industry and validates that EcoVac Services’ solutions will reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption by over 75%!

EcoVac Services even reuses the groundwater recovered during the dual phase multi phase extraction process.  The recovered groundwater therefore can be treated at the surface and recycled as the carrier solution for our chemical augmentation agents such as surfactants and chemical oxidants.

Our firm offers the option of carbon neutral remediation. At a very nominal cost--as little as 1% of the total remediation cost-- one can purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon and greenhouse emissions from our clients’ remediation sites.

We employ a stringent in-office recycling program. This beneficial reuse of typical office waste results in a mere one to two pounds of waste per employee per week.  Contrast this to the average resident that discards 3.5 pounds of waste per day.

Green Remediation

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