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What started as a dream of providing a cost cutting yet highly effective method of environmental groundwater remediation became a reality when two young men, Nick Athens and David M. Goodrich, P.G., formed EcoVac Services in 1995. 

It all started in 1988 when Mr. Goodrich was tasked by a number of major oil companies with LNAPL groundwater remediation using the most cost effective means possible. That early directive evolved into a sophisticated environmental groundwater remediation process called Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR®) dual phase multi phase extraction technology invented and developed by Mr. Goodrich.

EFR® is a form of high vacuum mobile multi phase extraction or dual phase extraction to remove fuels accidentally released from underground storage tank systems, pipelines, surface or underground sources, creating the need for environmental groundwater remediation.

There is not another environmental groundwater remediation alternative that can rival EFR® in terms of contaminant removal costs. EcoVac Services’ average removal costs to remove VOC’s (volatile organic compound) from the subsurface is $30 per gallon for petroleum products, a significant cost savings over other environmental groundwater remediation processes.  The cost advantage and advanced technologies made EcoVac Services the world leader in mobile dual phase multi phase environmental groundwater remediation services, having conducted over 15,000 EFR® events at over 2,300 sites.

Since this groundbreaking invention, EcoVac Services successfully cut costs and effectively provided environmental groundwater remediation at thousands of underground storage tank sites, fuel terminals, refineries, airports, and military installations both in the U.S. and abroad since 1995. EcoVac Services also provided EFR technology for environmental groundwater remediation to over 350 consulting firms and individual clients in 42 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

EcoVac Services’ pioneering efforts to develop and improve upon the EFR® technology led to the invention by co-founder Nick Athens of the patented SURFAC® (surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation), SOLV-IT® and ISCO-EFR® (in-situ chemical oxidation) technologies. These technologies, combined with our treatability/research & development laboratory, comprises EcoVac Services’ “Combined Technology Approach” to environmental groundwater remediation.

Although the patented processes have proven to be effective and economical through numerous field implementations, the continuous effort to improve our environmental groundwater remediation technologies and develop new solutions continues. EcoVac Services heavily invests in its in-house research and development department to improve existing environmental groundwater remediation processes while developing new technologies. Each site specific treatability study is incorporated into their internal research and development.

Above all, EcoVac Services’ solutions are environmentally friendly. EcoVac Services is a leader in the industry in green and sustainable environmental remediation practices. Our process ensures a minimal consumption of natural resources while minimizing the generation of harmful greenhouse gases. In advance of the 2009 Copenhagen accord and the December 7, 2009 USEPA declaration that CO2 and other greenhouse gases pose a health hazard, we were developing a comparative model that calculates and contrasts the carbon footprint and energy consumption from several common remediation technologies. This model was the first comprehensive model created within the industry and validates that EcoVac Services’ solutions will reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption by approximately 75%.

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