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Guaranteed Remediation

We are so confident of our solutions and ability to perform that we offer pay for performance (PFP)/performance based contracting (PBC)  services. We guarantee the remediation of your site. The cost of these guaranteed services compares favorably to non-guaranteed traditional (fixed system) remedial alternatives; often our price is less costly with prices as low as ONE-HALF the rate of these fixed systems. Our firm is able to offer cost-effective guaranteed remediation services because of our vast experience. Indeed, we have worked at over 2,300 sites. The consistent success of our technologies, our creativity and innovation, and our internal drive to achieve site closure makes us the best in the business. Therefore, attaining site closure is less of a risk to us because of these factors.

EcoVac Services Inc has completed several PBC projects  and has a record of completing all projects. Various payment structures have been created to allow compensation to be tied to remedial milestones for each project.  The mobile nature of our solutions allows for quick response to begin remediation rapidly following contract execution. The EcoVac PBC services allow the Responsible Party to reduce their liability and lock in their projected costs in today’s dollars rather than the traditional remedial approaches such as fixed systems which often operate for many years with multiple requests for additional funding and change orders.

The efficiency obtained by selecting the PBC option is a result of the direct relationship between results and compensation. Our project teams are supported by corporate resources to get the job done in a safe, phased approach that meets the regulatory objectives and time frames that are built into the contract. With traditional approaches a conflict of interest arises because the client is responsible for the project risk, regulatory negotiations, legal, and management costs. This reduces valuable internal resources that could be better focused on core business activities.  With PCB the risk and expectation is transferred to the remediation contractor.  This streamlines the cleanup process by allowing the remediation contractor the flexibility to make efficient project decisions, assign resources effectively, and use contractor rates.

The final component of the EcoVac PBC approach relates to the flexibility of our implementation and options. Analytical data from gauging and sampling events periodically allow us to modify our attach plan in real time in response to the data and the position of the water table as moves up or down in response to seasonal fluctuation and infiltration of precipitation. Fixed systems do not have this flexibility and once installed are often run with very little ability to be optimized in response to changing site conditions such as occur with plume movement and fluctuating water tables.

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