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Jet Fuel

Edwards AFB, California

Site 58 is located ease of Taxiway E on the Main Base Flight Line and is adjacent to Rogers Dry Lake as shown on Figure 7-1. The site consists of Pad 19 and is used as an engine run-up and tuning area for various aircraft as shown on Figure 7-2.

The geology of the site consists of granitic bedrock overlain by alluvium and lacustrine (playa) deposits. The playa deposits of Rogers Dry Lake are less than an inch thick in this area and are composed of clay-sized particles. The alluvial deposits are composed primarily of silty sands and silts. Depth to weathered bedrock ranges from 15 to 25 feet below the land surface. Groundwater exists at approximately 10.5 feet.

EcoVac Services Inc was contracted to remove JP-4 from as many as eight wells adjacent to the pad ranging from 0.76 to 3.30 feet in any well. Five EFR® events were performed over a five month period ending in January of 2001 and removed a total of 567 gallons of JP-4 and 9,419 gallons of impacted groundwater.

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