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Environmental Remediation of Petroleum Releases (UST)

EcoVac provides integrated solutions to remediate releases from UST systems. The elements include Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR®) which is a mobile version of multi phase / dual phase extraction (DPE/MPE) developed by EcoVac co-founder David M. Goodrich, PG.  EFR® simultaneously removes separate phase hydrocarbons (SPH), vapors, and dissolved hydrocarbon in the groundwater for  aggressive and rapid  environmental groundwater remediation.  Additional elements of the EcoVac approach include the combination of EFR® with Surfactants and cosolvents as described in following sections of this summary.

EFR® utilizes specially designed vacuum trucks and mobile vapor treatment units to extract from multiple monitor or recovery wells. Data collected includes detailed measurements of mass removal in the vapor and liquid phases, vacuum and drawdown radius of influence, and total fluid recovery volumes

EFR® is generally used to reduce the contaminant mass and SPH thicknesses to move UST release sites all the way to closure in many instances. EFR®remediation is rapid, highly efficient, and has been proven to be an effective technology accepted by most States and the EPA. EcoVac has the most experience in the development and implementation of DPE/MPE by conducting EFR® multi phase extraction or  environmental remediation at over 2300 sites in 42 states and Puerto Rico.

In 2000, EcoVac was awarded a US Patent which combines the use of EFR® multi phase extraction for  environmental remediation  and EcoVac Formulated Surfactants (EFS™).  This technology called SURFAC® increases contaminant removal rates and reduces cleanup time.  SURFAC® creates ultra low interfacial tension to mobilize the contaminants for capture by EFR® and has been highly successful on over 100 sites in over 15 states. EcoVac’s Treatability Laboratory has developed a suite of Formulated Surfactants for various types of NAPL.  NAPL and groundwater samples undergo Treatability Testing for EFS™ selection and optimization prior to implementation of the SURFAC® surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation technology.

Viscous NAPL and DNAPL contaminants are remediated by using the EcoVac patented process known as SOLV-IT® (NAPL remediation). SOLV-IT® combines EFR® with the injection and capture of a site specific dual formulation of EFS™ and plant derived biosolvents. SOLV-IT® treatability studies and field implementations have demonstrated the efficacy of this treatment train on contaminants such as Pine Tar, Coal Tar, Creosote, Crude Oil and other types of viscous or weathered NAPL’s.

The ability to effectively remove viscous NAPL DNAPL by the SOLV-IT® NAPL remediation and SURFAC® surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation processes is a breakthrough technology that can provide a cost-effective in situ alternative for rapid closure while also reducing the environmental footprint of the project. 

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