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Remediating Groundwater for Department of Defense Sites

EcoVac Services has provided subcontract services for remediating groundwater sites for over 450 clients, primarily environmental consulting firms that serve commercial, state government, and federal government clients. Ultimate DoD clients for remediating groundwater sites include the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force such as at Fort Gillem, Redstone Arsenal, Fort Campbell, Fort Benning, Robins AFB, Memphis NAS, Edwards AFB, Hunter Army Airfield, and Andrews AFB.

EcoVac Services provides its remediating groundwater services mainly through prime contractors who select our unique technologies as the best cost-performance alternative for remediating groundwater sites. Our cost and performance advantages for remediating groundwater sites include:

  • Remediation in Place (RIP) - Fully operational in as little as 24 hours
  • Remediation Complete (RC) - Months, not years
  • Remedial Process Optimization (RPO) - Start to finish, as frequently as hourly
  • Lithologies - Effective in all types (clays to fractured bedrock)
  • Non-disruptive - Small footprint, short operational duration, flexible schedule
  • Depth to Groundwater - Over 100 feet
  • VOC Effectiveness - All LNAPLs and DNAPLs
  • High Viscosity VOCs - ~90% reduction demonstrated in the lab for coal tar
  • Carbon Footprint - >75% reduction over traditional techniques
  • Installation Capital Cost - Zero, 100% mobile
  • O&M Cost - Zero, no fixed installation
  • Total Cost - Small fraction of traditional techniques

EcoVac Services routinely offers guaranteed closure contracts (Performance Based Contract - PBC) for well characterized sites that are sometimes less than non-guaranteed bids.  The average PBC contract cost is $287,000 for closure of a 1/3-acre plume with 4-month remediating groundwater duration. 

A sample list of the sites at which we have performed remediating groundwater services appears below.

    • Lockheed/Dobbins AFB, GA
    • Fort Gillem, GA
    • Hunter Army Airfield, GA
    • Fort Benning, GA
    • Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
    • Andrews AFB, MD
    • Edwards AFB, CA
    • Memphis NAS, TN
    • Meridian NAS, MS
    • Anniston Army Depot, AL
    • US Naval Observatory, Washington, DC
    • Fort Campbell, KY
    • Greenville ANG, TN
    • Cherry Point, NC
    • Redstone Arsenal, AL
    • Defense Informational Systems Agency (DISA) service center, Arlington, VA
    • U.S. Navy Naval Recreational Center, Solomons Island, MD
    • Robins AFB, Warner Robins, GA
    • Ft. Stewart, Hinesville, GA
    • Ft. Gordon, Augusta, GA
    • Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC

We are so confident of our remediating groundwater solutions and ability to perform that we offer pay for performance (PFP) performance based contracting (PBC) services. We guarantee remediating groundwater of your site. The cost of these guaranteed services compares favorably, and sometimes is less costly, sometimes even one-half, as compared to non-guaranteed traditional (fixed system) remediating groundwater alternatives. Our firm is able to offer cost-effective guaranteed remediating groundwater services as a consequence to the large number of sites we have worked at (>2,300 sites), the consistent success of our technologies, our creativity and innovation, and our internal drive to achieve site closure. Attaining site closure is less of a risk to us because of these factors.

For additional information about EcoVac Services for government clients and its patented technologies, please contact Rob Kelly at

Remediating Groundwater for Department of Defense Sites

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