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Dual Phase Extraction EcoVac Remediation Services

EcoVac Services is a remediation services firm/subcontractor formed 20 years ago with a multidisciplinary staff and affiliated offices positioned in numerous states. We pioneer and provide expedited and cost-effective in situ mobile remedial solutions for VOC/SVOC impacted sites. EcoVac Services is the world leader in  dual phase multi phase extraction services, having conducted over 15,000 mobile dual phase/multi phase extraction events at over 2,000 sites throughout the United States (40 states) and Puerto Rico. Our EFR® process (mobile dual phase multi phase extraction) alone has been successful in removing over 1,000,000 equivalent gallons of contaminants for environmental groundwater remediation.

Innovation has always been a key component of EcoVac Services -

  • The mobile dual phase multi phase extraction (EFR®) process was developed in 1988 by David M. Goodrich, P.G., co-owner of EcoVac Services.
  • Nick Athens, co-owner of EcoVac Services, developed a patent relating to combining surfactant/chemical oxidant/cosolvent  injection with mobile multi phase extraction dual phase extraction. This patent was awarded in December 2000.
  • EcoVac Services opened a treatability study and R&D laboratory and is advancing “treatment train” technologies with great promise for the in-situ removal of viscous LNAPLs and DNAPLs such as coal tar, creosote, crude oil, and no. 6 fuel oil (bunker fuel).
  • Our remedial solutions occupy a substantially reduced carbon footprint - >75% less than fixed system alternatives. EcoVac Services created in 2009 the industry’s first comprehensive remediation system comparative model that calculates and contrasts the carbon footprint and energy consumption from several common remediation technologies.

Innovation is an integral part of our heritage. We maintain this by fostering a culture of curiosity, creativity, and urgent continuous improvement. We hire and cultivate creative minds that are trained and expected to seek out innovative cost-effective solutions to our clients’ environmental challenges. We are a results-oriented company--over 450 clients have entrusted their VOC impacted sites to EcoVac Services.

We are so confident of our solutions and ability to perform that we offer pay for performance (PFP) performance based contracting (PBC) services. We can guarantee the remediation of your site. The cost of these guaranteed services compares favorably to non-guaranteed traditional remediation alternatives and is often less costly.

Dual Phase Extraction EcoVac Remediation Services

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