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Fort Wayne, Indiana


Fort Wayne, Indiana (subterranean parking garage ~20 feet bgs)


Diesel separate-phase hydrocarbons (SPH) in seven monitor wells ranging in thickness from 0.01 to 0.25 feet


Fill material consisting of gravel, sand, and clay. Groundwater is present in the fill material at approximately two to five feet below grade.


No SPH present, along with decreases in dissolved phase concentrations. Site closure has been requested. 


The subject site is located two stories below ground surface in a subterranean library parking garage basement in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Approximately 3,300 gallons of diesel fuel was released in November 2006 when a contractor punctured the diesel fuel line connecting to the site’s generator.  Previous remedial activities had removed approximately 2,200 gallons of diesel fuel utilizing double diaphragm pumps.


Groundwater is present in fill material consisting of gravel, sand, and clay at depths of two to five feet below grade.  The subsurface also includes utility lines and column foundations that may act as preferential pathways.

Treatment Methodology

EcoVac Services was contacted to implement SURFAC® at this site due to the challenging conditions (i.e. access, hydrogeologic conditions, extent of SPH plume, and ongoing presence of SPH despite previous remedial attempts).  EcoVac Services’ patented SURFAC® process is the combination of dual-phase/multi-phase extraction and surfactant injection.

 SURFAC® Implementation

Historically, SPH has been present in seven monitor wells.  SPH appeared in seven monitor wells during the pilot test indicating the extraction process mobilized SPH to these wells.  SPH may have been trapped in areas around utility lines and foundations and permeable fill material. SURFAC® was conducted at the subject site in June and July 2008. 

Results and Conclusions

SPH has not been detected at the site. There have been marked decreases in dissolved phase concentrations. Site closure has been requested.

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