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Pay for Performance

EcoVac Services offers "pay for performance" remediation of properties contaminated by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) wherein EcoVac Services enjoins with the owner/operator in jointly assuming the risk of a cleanup project. EcoVac Services offers a fixed price for cleanup and is compensated in direct proportion to its performance in attaining the cleanup object at the site. This financial arrangement is an attractive alternative to the "time and materials" basis of cleanup projects, which many times seemingly does not have a cap on costs.

EcoVac Services has entered into a number of such projects with contract values ranging from $125,000 to over $300,000.

EcoVac Services can provide relief from the liability associated with the cleanup of their properties by not only assuming the cost of the cleanup, but also allowing our client to remove the liability from their balance sheet. This is a particularly useful tool for publicly traded companies desiring to remove reserves allocated on their balance sheet relating to environmental liabilities, and/or for companies desiring to relieve themselves of environmental liabilities relating to real estate transactions.

EcoVac Services can provide protection against third party claims for offsite migration of plumes originating from our client's site, as well as protection against unknown plumes existing beneath our client's site

Pay for Performance Site Successfully Completed by EcoVac Services

Site Conditions:

Free product plume is approximately 100 feet by 300 feet
Estimated 10,000 gallons of free product remaining in subsurface
Free product has been measured as thick as 15 feet (aggregate)
Site is a strip retail center that was formerly a service station
Site clean up objective - remove free product to less than 0.01 feet

Est. Clean Up Time
Enhanced fluid recovery
$226,500 2 years

• Fixed cost
• Performance based
• Short cleanup time frame
• Documented technological

Excavation and
onsite biological treatment
$350,000 ~2 years

• Fixed cost
• Short clean up time frame

• Site disruption
• Open excavation and/or onsite soil pile for 2 years
• No "guarantee" of success

(fixed system)
$800,000 >5 years • Known success of the technology

• Site disruption
• Unknown remediation time frame
• Time and material cost (i.e. not a fixed price) - no "guarantees" of success
• Cost!

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