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Client: National Environmental Consulting Firm
Type of Facility: Service Station (Major Oil Company)
Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

EcoVac Services was contacted regarding a significant subsurface release of gasoline. EcoVac Services arrived at the site within three hours and initially performed EFR® for a thirty hour period. In excess of 2,200 equivalent gallons of gasoline was recovered during this 30 hour period. EcoVac Services mobilized to the site four additional times during the following week and recovered an additional >3,900 equivalent gallons of gasoline.

Client: Environmental Consulting Firm
Type of Facility: Service Station Sites
Location: Marietta, Holly Springs and Conyers, Georgia

A total of eight 8-hour EFR® events were conducted at three active gas stations during a six week period. A total of five monitor wells at the three sites contained between 0.17 to 3.31 feet of free product. Free product was no longer present at any of the three sites following these EFR® events. The total cost of EFR® at the three sites was $24,323.

Client: Environmental Consulting Firm
Type of Facility: Service Station
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

EcoVac Services was contacted to address an "emergency response" action, which was prompted by the threat of a third party lawsuit. EcoVac personnel mobilized to the site the same evening and conducted EFR® at three existing wells for a period of ten hours. Groundwater sampling was conducted prematurely (i.e. 5 days following the event) and dissolved phase concentrations actually increased in some of the wells. Sampling was then conducted 30 days later and the laboratory data indicated reductions in dissolved phase concentrations as much as 99%. Consequently, "monitoring only" status was requested following this single event since the dissolved phase concentrations were well below the site specific standard established for the site. Total cost for EFR® (inclusive of disposal) was only $3,916. (fox)

Client: Passenger Bus Line Company
Type of Facility: Former Terminal
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

A former bus line terminal in the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina was slated for development as a high rise hotel. Four EFR® events (total of 36 hours of extraction) were conducted at the site which had shallow groundwater conditions (<5 feet below surface) and as much as 0.63 feet of diesel product in two monitor wells. The separate phase product was completely removed following the four EFR® events, which was confirmed by a subsequent subsurface investigation (conducted by the purchaser), as well as verified during foundation excavation at the site. A no further action (NFA) letter was issued. The total EFR® cost was $15,113.

Client: Environmental Consulting Firm
Type of Facility: Carpet Mill
Location: Lafayette, Georgia

A sheen to 0.04 feet of diesel existed in three monitor wells under shallow water table conditions (i.e. 5 to 10 feet below surface). Five 8 hour EFR® events were conducted at a cost of $15,713 (including disposal), after which the separate phase diesel was removed and dissolved phase benzene was reduced to 10 ppb in one well and <5 ppb in all of the other site monitor wells. (astro)


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